Do Not want to Link bank to make credit payment

I have just started using Paypal Credit. And when I pay my monthly statements, I just want to pay them straight up, with my debit card. I DO NOT want to link my bank. When i first set up my paypal credit, and clicked “make a payment” it presented it as if there were two options: to link account, or make a straight up payment. There is no longer this option.

It is forcing me to link paypal with my bank everytime. Everytime it prompts me to link to my bank. I DONT WANT TO. I want to be able to click, ” Make a payment”, choose which debit card I want the payment to come from, and boom, done. Thats it. No linking nothing.

Its really inconvenient.


Now how do i go about paying my statements WITHOUT linking to my bank?’


Any help appreciated, Thanks.

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