Ebay Selling Urgent Help( was I scammed?)

I sold Nintendo Wii on November 10th for 103.95 and had it pending for november 26. I purchased  a label and asked for a pick up. Next day the package arrived saying it was wrong label. I again bought another label and same thing happen the package was brought to me. The buyer escalated the case saying didn’t recieved the item, even tho I contacted  the buyer numerous times about the problem. I never recieved message back from the buyer. Next day i went to post office and bought purchased label for 33.11 express delivery. It was rainy weather and tracking number was lost. I still have receipt from post office tho. The following day I gotten message saying ebay refunded the buyer the money and case was closed … I keep contacting the buyer but he never response… I don’t even think he is real buyer …   I tried to appeal the case with ebay but the recepit number wasn’t enough, I even told them I lost my tracking number. Now the buyer has my nintendo wii for free and I don’t have money. I think it was a scam

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