Disputing work from home digital products

How do you dispute it if someone says you did not describe your product accurately? I have been online for over a decade and learned that it’s just plain STUPID to mislead anyone with your ads. It’s asking to get chargebacks and lose your account so I don’t do it! I have even gone so far as to require each member of mine to sign a user agreement which in detail describes what the program I offer is. So I recently had a dispute with a guy who said I did not describe it accurately. Well let me tell you, paypal only has 2 choices for refunds so of course someone wanting a refund is going to choose the one that he feels would be the best option. But even me presenting this evidence to paypal did not seem to convince the dispute team. Personally I think it’s a ridiculous claim for digital products if paypal doesn’t honor the proof you present to them.

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