Paying PayPal

I am just venting at this point.  It is clear that I will find no solution to the simple problem of how to pay my bill.  PayPal staff does not seem to exist on these boards.  I have written customer support for the last time as follows:


“I have a credit card linked to PayPal. I have a payment to PayPal due on 12/13. When I try to pay off my balance I get a message saying that I don’t have a bank account linked. I am not linking a bank account. I’m using my credit card. Your web site doesn’t work. Your support group does not respond to questions. I have tried in good faith to pay my entire balance. How do I pay my balance with my linked credit card? Please respond this time. This is no way to do business.


PS. do not attempt to assess a late charge. I have been trying to resolve this problem for many days with no response from your customer support.


cc: file”


Life is complicated enough, so I keep things that work and discard things that don’t work.  I’ll send them a check if nothing else works. 

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