ebay and paypal is horrible

Recently, I’m feeling ebay and paypal is horrible


Last time, I tried to purchase some item on ebay using paypal.


but, I can’t purchase the item.


Because paypal didn’t work well. Just show error “try use another payment method”.


Oh my god. the item accept payment only paypal. how can I pay with other method???


paypal dosn’t show detail error message.


therefore, I sent message by contact us. They did response about ebay coupon by automatic system…


what???? very stupid.



Today, I bought some ebay egift card. but it’s not working now.  Ebay said “This coupon code is not yet ready for use. Please try again later.”.  I have to pay now but I can’t use  purchased egift now. why paypal selling egift???


After got above error message, I want to check balance and searched on google.


PayPal says I can find link to check the gift card balace on profile tab. But currently paypal  layout and design has been changed and I can’t find the link. 


You know?? PayPal has gift card issue long time. but still not fix it. Amazing..






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