Can I MAKE a negative balance?

– I updated my PayPal wallet ($50), and the “time to complete” it gave me was BEFORE the end of the sale of the item I would like


– The $50 was then removed from my bank account


– I then recieved an e-mail that said that the money should be in my account by AFTER the end of the sale (The website and the e-mail displayed vastly different dates)


– I’d like to get this item ASAP


So, question:

If I charged, my PayPal account NOW, and went into negative balance, and paid itself off later, would that be fine? Would the transaction go through? Would I face any problems? Because the PayPal removal of money has ALREADY taken place, it just needs to be processed, if I wait to the date it has told me in the e-mail, it will be too late.

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