Refund from Microsoft

I charged 116.00 on 12/12 and called and cancelled sale and received verification form Microsoft that my account would be credited sale was cancelled. So PayPal account shows Debit and Credit same date     —–  checking account only shows debit.


The credit is not showing in my balance on PayPal only as a posted transactions. I am getting tired of this practice of PayPal’s temporary hold. I would at least like to see the money in my balance with a hold where is it just floating in the atmosphere?????


Then I will have to wait another three days once it shows whenever that is before I can transfer it WHY is what I want to know. They sent the credit what is the problem meanwhile my account is overdrawn and my SSN ck doesn’t come for 2 more days.


Is there some other online payment service that doesn’t rob you blind like PayPal. Someone who gives you your money once the credit is issued. If they can send the charge directly to my checking why cant they send the credit through directly. Do they think Microsoft is only joking????????????????????????????????

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