PayPal Credit Account Blocked?

All of my PayPal Credit purchases are being denied after I tried to purchase somehting for around $1,000 which is well within my PayPal credit limit. I tried calling and emailing PayPal, they say they can’t see any block and they try to put “flags” in place, whatever that means, to fix the problem. I had the last PayPal representative stay on the line with my while I tired to make a purchase after he fiddled with my account, and when it was denied he tranferred me to somone else and then they transferred me again to someone else without even telling me, after an hour I gave up and hung up the phone. The PayPal support email is a joke, I get an automated response telling me to contact them by phone, which I have already done. 


PayPal Credit informed me that PayPal and not PayPal Credit was denying the transactions.


I have more than enough money on my PayPal Credit account for the purchases I am attempting. Three different merchants now. I was told by PayPal that it may be home IP address that I have been using for the last year so I tried a purchase using my phone’s celluar network and it was still denied.


Apparently, the PayPal staff cannot even see the block to remove it, so I’m guessing the block is put in place by a server somwhere and whenever it decides to remove it, it will be removed. Can anyone on here shed some light on this issue? What is going on here? I’ve been a business verified PayPal member for almost 10 years and this has never happend to me before. It’s amazing after all the money I’ve given to this company over the years the level of support I get.

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