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Long story short.


I sold an item on ebay on 1rst of December, the buyer paid me right away and the very next day (2nd of december) i shipped it out and i provided the tracking number of the package to buyger right after getting back from the post office. The package was sent from Greece to Germany (Hamburg) , the estimated time of delivery was 6-7 business days since Greece and Germany are pretty close to each other. Fast forward 7 days the package arrived in Germany(Hamburg) as i tracked it myself through deutsche post office website and i kindly messaged the buyer to get to the post office showing him the tracking informations and so he did. Strangely enough the staffer here said there was no package with such tracking number there and the buyer was going in there pressuring into searching it for 4-5 days in a row. Today i tried to track it once more and i bump into this message “The item could not be delivered and is being returned to sender” with no aparent reason, i have sent a dozen of email to the buyer but he seems that he doesh’t bother to respond back, in other words he is not that communicative, not fast in reaching out either. Now, i’m pretty sure that when the package arrives back in Greece, the post office is going to ask to pay something for sure. Who is going to pay the amount? I’m going to refund the buyer even though he had 100% positive feedback, this is his own fault and i’m way too **bleep** that i even bother to start selling on ebay while having those retards buyer that they can’t get a simple package. What i want to ask is, i’m going to refund the price of the jacket but how i’m going to get the money from the initial shipping? The paypal is currently holding my money… Will they release them after refunding him? Who is going to pay the shipping cost from Germany to Greece. **bleep** **bleep** i’m **bleep**.


Sorry for any mistake as i stated i’m from greece and my english is a bit unnatural.

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