Can’t choose credit card as funding source

Can't choose credit card as funding source
Can't choose credit card as funding source

Can’t choose credit card as funding source for paypal payment


I am trying to make a payment and want to pay via my credit card but it will not allow me to choose one as a funding source. It only shows paypal balance and my bank



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I’ve bought several things recently where this happened.  Yes, it’s all linked & everything.  But with some transactions, when you check out & it gives the option to change the payment source, the default is paypal balance, you click ‘change’ & all it gives you is either paypal or bank account.  In other cases, the credit card is included in the options.  Is it that some sellers don’t take credit cards, or does it depend on the country, or is there a minimum amount of the purchase, or what?  I’m perplexed… would like to be able to put more purchases on the credit card for air miles

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Here is the answer: 

Sometimes PayPal will block a funding source that their system has flagged as high-risk:
Base on their policy:

3.4 Funding Source Limitations. In order to manage risk, PayPal may limit the Funding Sources available for a transaction. If we limit the Funding Sources, we will alert you that there is a higher-than-normal level of risk associated with the payment. Such a notice does not mean that either party to the transaction is acting in a dishonest or fraudulent manner. It means there may be a higher-than-normal level of risk associated with the transaction. You may choose to continue with the transaction with the understanding that you may have fewer avenues available for dispute resolution should the transaction turn out to be unsatisfactory.

So if a funding source does not appear this policy could explain why.

Depend on the 2nd questions above, in some case, it allow you to choose credit card as funding source, but in some other case, you can’t choose credit card as funding source. only paypal balance, echeck and Instant Bank Transfer are allowed .

Please note that Sellers can’t refuse card funded PayPal payments and there is no minimum purchase amount in order to use a credit card.

Another ebay user commented :

There was a paypal balance.  However, in some cases, even with the balance, I was able to choose credit card rather than paypal balance (I wanted the airmiles on the credit card, plus the chargeback option if the item didn’t come).  In other cases, for example I recently bought $40 worth of film & wanted to use my Amex, when I clicked ‘change’ for the payment source, the only things listed were paypal & bank account.  There is an ‘add credit card’ link but when I clicked that it was for adding a second card, in addition to the Amex which it said was already linked to the account.  I figured it would be too much hassle to sort this out with sellers so no, I haven’t asked them.  Assumed it was an ebay/paypal glitch.


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