Order Canceled, Invoice not Refunded


Recently I bought a smartphone from a eBayer from Sweden with a fair feedback rating (about 50 if I recall). I tried paying for it the first time, but he said it did not work and PayPal has “flagged my purchase”, he refunded me, and asked me to pay again. This happened again, and he refunded me and I instead paid with a different paypal account. It did not work according to him, and he instead asked me to pay an invoice, I paid it. He said it worked and that he will ship it immediately; 3 days passed with constant excuses for why he couldn’t and I just asked him to cancel my order and refund me. He did cancel my order, but ebay only shows on the cancel order receipt in the inbox the refunded money for the first 3 times I paid, not the fourth time where I paid the invoice. Then, I checked my paypal transaction history and it did not show the invoice being refunded. After contacting the seller and no reply, I decided to open a case but none of the options on the PayPal resolution center really seem to fit my situation. So my question is how would I go about it. THANKS

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