My Paypal Cash card missing 6 digits

I purchased a Pay-Pal card that was missing 6 digits. Spoke to paypal, my cash paypal  numerous times without resolve.  This was nov 13, 2014 and i have faxed info: copy of card, my drivers license and copy of  terminal receipt from store in which i purchased card. No one seems to have a clue as to what is going on each time I call.,  I spoke with Eddie with My cash paypal and various others.  I have yet to have anyone return my call or even a letter.

i was told by a paypal representative basically i would prob have to call the $350.00 a loss. i have only 4 digits visible on the card

and paypal reps keep asking for the 10 digit pin number and i do not have it as i cant read 6 of the digits–exasperating!!!

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