Paypal and Paypal Credit names are different

A while ago, I bought something over eBay and decided to apply for paypal credit. Instead of using my name, I used my mom’s to apply for paypal credit, but the paypal is under my name. Not knowing the account had to have the same name as the bank account when I first made the account, I made the paypal account under my name but has my mom’s banking information. My billing statement has arrived, but says $0 minimum due. I was wondering if it is $0 due to the names not being the same? If so, how am I going to pay it? Do I have to add money? If so, I can’t change my name to my mom’s name since Paypal won’t allow it, and I can’t close the account because it says I have to payoff the bill first. I do not want to get charged interest. Thank you in advance.

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