Ebay Gift cards redemption problem

I attempted to pay 4 ebay sellers on 12/19/2014 with a 50.00 ebay gift card that I purchased myself for this purpose. 
This was the 3rd such card I purchased and redemed. 
Yes the 50.00 covered the amount. I also had 4.18 in my wallet from a previous gift card purchase. 
The difference in this using this card was I also opened a bank account and linked it to my account.
I entered the redemption code, and continued to pay pal where they kicked out the code to use the 4.18 first.

I began the transaction a second time. .Knowing that pay pal utilizes money in the account first I completed it.
Instead of appling the new code pay pal did a bank transfer. 
I had just opened this account online and was waiting on my debit card to make a deposit.

I called ebay, transfered to pay pal, who told me they could not stop this transfer. 
I called the bank who told me I wasn’t the first person they heard about having this problem.

These items were for me for my Christmas had this transaction cleared as it should have the items would have arrived by Christmas. 
Instead I have spent countless hours every day for 9 days now trying to resolve this matter.

I can not use my bank account due to the 123.00 charges pay pal caused in NSF and return fees.
To make matters worse I called AGAIN on the 23 rd was told by security to use the gift card to pay these sellers. 
I was previously told to use the card on future purchases, by ebay and the gift card number I called .
I did this that night since it was useless for anything else , like the 50.00 I had planned to buy food and gas that week. 

I borrowed 50.00 from my daughter and purchased another gift card to pay these sellers 
Due to pay pals negligence the sellers were still waiting on their money. While I was still waiting on my Christmas Items. 
Dec 23rd it was agreeded that this was an authorized transaction by pay pal.
On Dec 19th it was an authoized transaction as well.
Had pay pal stopped giving me a run around and causing me to waste hours and days attempting to resolve this the bank and I would have not STILL be trying to correct this situation.
I unlinked my ebay with pay pal on the 24th to use the card to finally pay these sellers, I contacted them as I did in the past explaining the situation.
I also told them to look at my feedback as I have with the exception of trying to use a gift card been a fast payer.

After all of this Pay Pal did yet another bank transfer on one of these payments on the 24th. 
I reported them to the BBB. and have sent countless emails to both pay pal and ebay unaware they are still owned by the same company. 
This information I found yesteray morning. 

Pay Pal closed all dispute resolutions and subtracted the amounts of the transactions. 
I still paid the sellers. I have still spent more of my time in resolution /correcting this mistake than the amount of the purchase. 
I had to physically go to the bank yesterday to finish the report to remove these charges .
They were confused due to the fact after all of this that pay pal had the audicity to send another transfer after they agreeded these were unauthroized .
I was left this morning with a 37.50 NSF and had to spend another 45 minutes with the bank to resolve that. 

I informed them I have a disabilty (verified ) that renders me unable to to make hours of phone calls. Most times unable to leave my home which is why I shop online. 
They responded with another web form Call Us. 
This morning.
It continued to tell me how to check the status of my claim. (which are closed)
I already know this.
I want compensation 
I currently have 2 items that have been waiting payment 1 on ebay and one on goodwill. 
I can’t buy an ebay card in any amount other than 50.00 which I can not do. 

This has been a 9 day (so far) nightmare which is ruining my reputation. 

Just for clarification, I have purchased 3 / 50.00 gift cards. 
I used 2 before I linked to a bank account. No problem. 
I used the 3rd one to pay 4 sellers, (one at a time , this time) 3 were fine and the first one went as another bank transfer. 
I highly doubt I am doing something wrong. The evidence speaks for its self. 
I now want compensated for the cost of both gift cards since I am obivously dissapointed in the item I purchased. 
They didn’t arrive on time. 
Finally they are not “Easy” and a “Breeze” to redeem as Ebay advertises. 
In fact this whole experience has been emotionally draining to the point I have had to make a Dr. Appointment for the extereme anxiety. (Again Pay Pal is aware of the disabiltiy in writing). 

The real shame is I love Ebay , I love the sellers and this is unacceptable for us to suffer why pay pal continues to **bleep** (for lack of better term) us. 

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