Paypal Resolution and Ebay Defects

I just had an ebay buyer open a paypal resolution case because she didn’t know how to do it through ebay.  She wanted to return a purse that she bought her daughter for Christmas and her daughter didn’t like it.  I agreed to the return with no problem at all.  Everything went great until I saw that this return has landed on my ebay dashboard as a defect for item not as described. 


Checking further, Paypal does not ofter an option in their resolution center that does not create a defect for the seller on ebay.  My buyer clicked not as described because she did get the item, she did get the right item, and she didn’t dispute the charge.  THERE IS NO OPTION FOR BUYER CHANGING THEIR MIND !!!!


Checking ebay, they DO RECORD Paypal cases on their dashboard.


This is not fair to the seller when the buyer changes their mind.  Why does Paypal not have an option for buyers to choose from so that we do not get defects when they simply want to make a return?


I would also like to know how I get this defect removed.  The buyer clearly said in her dispute that her daughter didn’t like the purse and she wanted to return it.  She left me positive feedback on ebay.


I certainly hope you find a way to resolve this for ebay sellers who are fighting this new defect system to stay top rated sellers

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