Have not received refund

So, I purchased an item on 12/27/14 and about 4 hours later I received an email stating the user I purchased the item from was no longer a registered member. I opened a case for not recieving the item since it was not shipped before the user became non registered hoping to get a refund for the item. Then, about 2 hours after I opened the case I got an email from eBay stating they would give me a refund with their money back guarantee because of the circumstances of the user I bought the item from. It said they put the money to my PayPal account since I purchased the item with a visa gift card through my PayPal account. It has been about 2 days and there is no money in my PayPal account and I looked at my transaction history and still no refund of any kind. eBay’s customer service isn’t helpful and I don’t know what to do.

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