Can I transfer mol points to Paypal ?

Transferring MOL Points to PayPal
Transferring MOL Points to PayPal

Can I transfer mol points to Paypal because I have a lot of points inside that account

This question make me spend 30 minutes to find out the answer 🙂

Transferring MOL Points to PayPal
Transferring MOL Points to PayPal

Let’s see what is MOL points ?

MOLPoints is an online micropayment system developed and operated by MOL AccessPortal Berhad. This payment system enables consumers nationwide to purchase products and services through the MOL portal and pay for their purchases at over 540,000 channels across more than 75 countries worldwide WITHOUT the use of a credit card.

MOL is a portal for a wide variety of online games, products and services from around the world. From purchasing flowers to online game credits, MOL’s goal is to provide you with the widest range of products available on the internet through our flagship product – MOLPoints. MOLPoints is an online currency that can be used to purchase products from our online portal and the portals of our partners.

Transferring MOL Points to PayPal? Is there a way to change MOL Points to paypal ?

As i know, there is no way to tranfer Moil points to paypal at all !

But why on answers . com they said you can tranfer to paypal ? Take a look on these question and answer :

  • How do you transfer MOL Points into your Paypal Account? 
  • Transferring MOL Points into Paypal is easy. First login to the MOL account and go to the member page. A popup will appear and then the amount that needs to be transferred can be entered.

I dont know why but seem like you can’t do it. Let’s try to see what happened ? And plz post a comment here you answer. Thanks

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