[EU] – Receiving limit



So I received the “You have received 1800Euros or more ….” warning message that I am approaching my 2500 Euros limit.

I send my ID and an address verification paper I went to get at the police station [With some info about my id, name, address,…].

However that address verification was not accepted by paypal. Electrical/phone bills are all digital PDF’s that do not contain my address, so the only thing I could send are invoices from deliveries,…


I started wonderning a few things now:

1) Does the ‘warning’ get removed after the calendar year (since it was in 2014 and hasn’t reset on the 1st this month)

2) When you ignore this message, can you just keep that 2500Euros limit (not planning to go near that

3) When does the receiving limit get reset?




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