Declined debit card on eBay

Hello. I have been attempting to purchase small, low-cost items on Ebay from various sellers. I have an Ebay account, which is fairly new, and a Visa debit card that I have received a few days ago. The debit card is connected to by Paypal account, yet whenever I go to make a purchase, it says to me that “your payment has been declined by the card issuer,” and to use a different credit card or bank account to complete the PayPal payment. As I do not actually have a bank account of my own, I am unable to do so, and do not posess a credit card.  I have spoken to the issuer of the card itself(BB&T) and have confirmed that the card is indeed active, and has a balance of 100 dollars on it, and should be able to make purchases fine enough. My Paypal account is verified, and I am able to make purchases, to my knowledge, yet I am still unable to purchase items on Ebay, through Paypal, with the Visa debit card.

Any suggestions?

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