payment delay, bank reversal, vendetta

Over a week and a half ago now, my brother transferred money from His paypal account to MY paypal account. This doesn’t have anything to do with a ebay transaction. I verified through my paypal account my bank….. or so I thought. Two days later, the bank info was suddenly NOT there anymore. I called and went through a level of interrogation normally reserved for terrorists. None of the questions were security questions I had registered on my paypal account. Bank account verified. Wednesday the 7th, two small transfers  were made to my bank account. A OK, or so I thought. I made the transfer from my paypal account to my bank. No money in paypal account, no money in bank. That was Thursday the 8th of Jan, 2015. I waited…..and waited…. I called yesterday. Woman said funds went through a ACH system, and they were not responsible for the time frame. This morning, I get on Paypal and then check my bank account, No money. My bank said transfer should come through after midnight as that’s how they do it. No money in bank account. After midnight, Paypal says SUDDENLY that funds were REVERSED due to a TECHNICAL problem. Ok, if there was a technical problem, wouldn’t that have been obvious with the first two standard transfers? Paypal now states that REVERSAL occured on Jan 8!!!!!! They have had my money in situ for 8 days now. Along with hundreds of thousands of people’s cash. Gee that’s a LOT of interest on money that doesn’t belong to them.

Money back in paypal account, but that doesn’t help me. I’m calling my bank first thing, and then I’m calling the State Attorney General, King shortly thereafter. Trust me when I say this, I will NEVER make this mistake again.  A simple check would have been recieved by me and in my bank account LAST WEEK!

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