Payments Declined

I have a personal account, that I use solely for buying things on eBay. The PayPal account has always been linked to one card/account. I attempted to make a purchase today, and both payment methods were declined. It gave me an error message saying the card issuer declined the card, and another saying the eCheck was declined. I called PayPal, and they were only able to tell the same thing, the issuer declined the card, and the eCheck was declined. So, I’ve added another card and it’s checking account (with over twice the money needed), and both of those (the card payment option, and the echeck payment option) were also declined. I then applied, and was granted, a PayPal credit account (used to be Bill Me Later), and when I went back to check out, it told me that wasn’t an option.  A while back, I made a purchase without enough money in my account, and all I got was an e-mail saying PayPal would try again in 3 days, with no issue. Why is this apparently no longer an option? How am I supposed to pay if it declines every payment option? Am I really going to have to buy $200 worth of ebay gift cards so I can buy something without using my paypal accounts, or will they just deny that too?…

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