UPS shipping is impossible through Paypal

I’m sure many of you are aware issue/glitch involving trying to set up a ups account for paypal shipping. I have seen the posts nd have seen the dumb employee responses. One post I saw saif that they workers at paypal have said they are working on the issue. That post was made in 2011.


It’s 2015 and it’s still an issue. I’m trying to make a shipping label for UPS and the system just refuses to work for me. There is always an error saying that paypal shipping is not working and just won’t let me use a shipping label. The only reason I’m using UPS is because it would be more conveninet for my customer since UPS does store pickup. And the best part is, ebay and paypal just flipped me the bird and said, “No UPS shipping for you!”


I can only hope that some paypal employee sees this post and sees that this is still an issue that is 4 years in the making. I can only hope that this bug can be fixed, within the next century.


If somebody has found a solution, please tell me, and I already tried changing my shipping preference and I tried doing all the other stupid solutions that obviously don’t work.


Paypal, if you’re reading this, fix the stupid problem so we can finally get UPS shipping!!!

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