Ebay cases, ebay bungles, Ebay PayPal incahoots

Last month PayPal put a hold on money from one of my buyers. Jan 20th Ebay finds in favor of the buyer. Suppousedly once tracking has shown the item is returned to me the buyer gets a full refund. Either Gung-ho paypal jumps the gun on repaying the buyer or Ebay does not know how to track delivery. Whatever the case, I am out of both, money and product. Meanwhile, a Muslim family in Indonesia enjoys my iphone 4 thinking it was pay for by their generous relative. BUT THIS CASE GETS even BETTER, the relative originally opened the case with ebay to extort an extra $40 FROM ME, by claiming the phone was not 32gb but only 16g. Of course he would need $40 refunded for this 16g difference. Well, after he sends my iphone to the Family in Indonesia instead of back to me, Ebay decides on Jan 26 to give him the $40, and tell me I will now have to make restitution to them for the $40. At least PayPal did not fall for paying out that amount also.

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