Is this against the rules? Sending money to a friend via CC, have him send it back to my balance



I contacted Paypal but got no official answer on this. I’ll email them tomorrow again, but I’d like input from the community.


What I need is balance in my Paypal account. Mainly because I want to try the withdrawal to bank feature. The reason is that I want to start working as frelancer and I don’t know if I’ll use Paypal as my main payment service or other service instead. Paypal is my favorite though, but I want to withdraw at least a small amount of money to try the feature and the time it takes.


Since you can’t add funds via Credit Card, I figured out a simple way to do it anyway. What would happen is this:


1) I send money to my friend’s Paypal account with my international credit card. So this transfer would be Credit Card -> Paypal.


2) My friend receives the money in his Paypal balance and he sends it back to me. So this transfer would be Paypal -> Paypal


3) I would withdraw the money to my bank account. So this transfer would be Paypal -> Bank


Is this against the rules, to have somebody send back money you sent them just to add to your balance?



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