year end summary of eBay and paypal?

I am not certain if I need to file taxes this yr for ebay…I assume I do…but did not get any 1099 from ebay.  In getting my info toeher, is there ANY way that I can print out a YEAR END SUMMARY rather than have to print out the monthly acct. information?  For me that is about 10 pages long and info. I don’t need except in a summary form.


What do other people do?  Have you recd. 1099’s this year for tax purposes?  The thought of doing a years worth of taxes on ebay purchases is so overwhelming, as fasr as getting the info. toether.


Hel!!  Can anyone give me advice aboiut these 2 things??  Thanks so much..I’m counting on you!!!!   Gretchen craig

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