Several problems with my Paypal account.

I have been using Paypal since 2009 and I have never had any issues until now. I purchased an item from ebay a few days back and I have been unable to complete the transaction due to several errors. At first I got a message while trying to complete the purchase because I had a limitation in my account, I was asked to change my password and confirm a few other things and the limitations were lifted. I tried again and now I was getting an error that said “We’re sorry but we can’t send your payment right now” I decided to wait a few hours to see if the problem got fixed and still no luck. I messaged the seller and we agred to complete the whole transaction through a Paypal invoice, he sent it and every time I click on “Pay invoice” I get a message that says that Paypal was unable to identify the device I was on and asked for a phone number, when I type it it tells me that the number doesn’t seem to be linked to my account, and yes, both my bank account and phone number are verified.

I tried purchasing a cheap item (2 dollar) item on ebay and the transaction went fine without asking for any kind of verifications or extra log ins, I also sent 10 dollars to my girlfriend paypal account and I had no issues, however, when I tried to send a bigger amount (100 dollars) the verification page showed again, which lead me to believe I had a send limit, then I tried again with 5 dollars and the same message appeared, a few minutes later I tried again with only 10 dollars and I had no issues. I’ve tried literally everything from using different web browsers, phones, different internet connections, clearing cookies and cache and no luck. I was also told to delete the mobile phone and add a home phone to avoid the sms verification but when I try to do so an error message comes up that says that it cannot be deleted. At first I thought it could be an issue with the seller, and while his feedback isn’t that big, about 25, all of it is positive and most of it comes from buyers with over 100 positive feedback. I made this purchase since the 9th, which is almost a week and I can’t complete the transaction and I understand the seller’s frustration and I can’t really do anything about it and this is an item that I was really looking forward to. I have no clue what to do and I don’t think the seller will wait more than a couple days to see if it gets fixed.


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