How do I get out of charity fees, donations. One error & now I am broke.



I am being bounced from eBay to PayPal back to eBay & back to PayPal. Yet nobody answer’s my question.

When I was a buyer. When you were finished there would be donate 1.00 to whatever charity that seller had.

If I saw the ASPCA or Cancer charities I would donate 1.00. Being on SSI that is all I could afford.

I decided to open a small store and I was asking around how do I get that, finish shopping and donating 1.00 to charity.

That has become the biggest nightmare. It’s not 1.00 it’s 10% of a sale. Sometimes it goes up to 25% a sale. I couldn’t figure out how little sales a made and how high eBay fees became. Right now eBay’s fees 191.33 plus PayPal fees. I had to decide either pay the electric bill or eBay’s fees. Of course I had to pay my electric bill. Now like last month the domino effect with overdraft

penalties. I suffer from Cronic Depression and all I think about is suicidal thoughts. I went to PayPal like eBay suggested and gave my I.D. number showing that I am a member of eBay. Twice I filled out that application and nothing happen. Now I am minus in my PayPal account and I am minus and growing in my bank account. I don’t understand why I can’t put the money on my PayPal business card to pay my bank account. I work 24 a day. Sometimes I would have nine packages that had to go out. A neighbor would say Rose you are making money to my embarrassment I am broke. I have never been this broke and it’s all because I wanted to donate 1.00 to charity.

Rose M. Palinkas

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