Victim of a Paypal / ebay fraud, pls help!!!!

Hi all –


I just become a victim of a paypal / ebay fraud, and I am now stucked with the bill.


Here are the sequences of events:


1) around end of last year, I sold some Apple itune gift cards that I bought. because I couldn’t use all of them, I decided to sell some on ebay


2) I list my item and a buyer purchased within few days


3) I received the request from buyer asking me to send him the gift card codes via email because he has urgent use.  As a good seller, I did as request and responded through ebay message.


4) deal was closed, and ebay charged me the commission of the item I sold, case closed right?  But here is where the fraud begins


5) last week, I received notice from payal saying that the buyer has disputed the payment (3+ months after the fact).  I did what every seller would do and send the screenshot of my ebay message to paypal.


6) few days later, paypal responded and reversed the original transaction, now my account becomes deficit because of it.


7) I called payapl today describing my situation and sharing my concern.  The agent transfer me to a dispute specialist and the specialist informed me that because I sent my item via online and did not have a tracking # (which comes from sending item via post office or other delievery services), I am not protected under the user agreement term.  


8) shocked as I was, I tried to reason with her and describe my situation.  however, the specialist simply just repeating the same thing over and over “because you did not have a tracking number, you are not protected”


9) so now I am stuck with the whole bill.  I now have lost a) the value of my gift cards, b) the price tag that I tried to sell those at and c) the ebay commission charges


10) the more I think of it, I think it is a well planned scam.  targeting sellers like myself who is unware of the full details.  I am very angry and disappointed at paypal and ebay for not protecting their users.


Can anyone suggest what can I do to resolve this?  If not, I am trying to at least get the words out, so people won’t be scammed like me.


If you ever plan to ship your selling items and the buyer is sending money via paypal, always go with the traditional delivery route.  Otherwise you will be stucked with the heavy price tag like myself.


all the best!



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