Paypal is trying to deduct my payment TWICE. Please help me!!!

I was stupid enough to add my bank account this afternoon.  I purchased a mobility scooter and want this paid off asap.  I found out this afternoon that my tax refund was deposited in my bank account and I immediately turned around….added my bank info to my Paypal account, and then made a one-time payment.


Once I submitted the payment an error message popped up.  According to that message, it did not go through.  So I resubmitted it. 


After that I went to my account page and found that they are trying to take my money twice.  And for some reason, when I added the bank info, it went on there twice even though I did it just once.  ONCE!!!


I called customer service in tears, begging and pleading them to stop one of the payments but they refused.  So I called my bank and they are having tech issues too, apparently……I’m hoping they can stop both payments in time so I won’t be charged a very hefty fee I just can’t afford.


Why did Paypal allow this to happen to me?  Has it happened to anyone else out there?  I am disabled and on a fixed income. I have got to get this straightened out now or I will lose money that I cannot afford to throw away. 


HELP!  I’m still crying as I write this.  I just can’t take anymore problems.  This has been a rough week.  I never thought that this company would cheat me.

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