Bought on Ebay but sent from Amazon, can or can’t track item?

I have bought 2 things on Ebay, it wasn’t advertised as coming from Amazon, and was advertised as coming with Royal Mail.

I only chose Royal Mail deliveries as it is a lot easier to have things redelivered to my local post office for me to collect later, or have it redelivered a saturday, when I am home. There is no one indoors to get the package during the week, so RM is convenient.

The first thing I knew that they were coming from Amazon, was that I had a delivery today from Amazon for one of the items that I bought yesterday. I was quite surprised as I never had that before, but it is only when I checked my Ebay purchased items and gone onto the order details that I saw the delivery details with the tracking number for Amazon logistics courier.

I have been ordering from both Ebay and Amazon for years now, and never encounter this before. Is this new?

I could order from Amazon straight away, and chose saturday delivery (when I want to buy something I check Amazon and Ebay, most of the time they have the same goods), but my gripe is that I cannot check the whereabouts of my package myself because I haven’t ordered the item myself on Amazon, so the tracking number is irrelevant to me, I didn’t chose the delivery day like I would have if I had ordered it myself from Amazon, and the fact that if there is a problem with the delivery, I can’t contact Amazon myself, I have to go through the Ebay seller to resolve the problem. Why would I want a middle man between Amazon and me?

So, is there a way for me to check the whereabouts of my package myself or is a question of hoping they leave the package behind my door (like they did today) and hope no one steal it until I come back home in the evening?

What if it shows delivered, but never got it? Where do I stand with a Paypal claim then? Can paypal check the package whereabouts with the Amazon logistics tracking number?

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