I’m getting harassing emails from a potential buyer. I think they are up to something.

So I have some new items on ebay for sale, which will end in a couple days.  I got a message on one of them from a guy that I sold some stuff to awhile ago.  He filed a dispute with me awhile ago.  He claimed the items I sold him weren’t how I described, but Paypal ended up siding with me.  So he is the high bidder on one of my items, and has sent me harassing messages saying that he wants a refund.  


I’m not sure what this guy’s problem is.  I sent him the items he won, and I think he was just trying to scam me out of them.  Now I think he’s going to try to scam me again, by bidding on an item and then leaving negative feedback or something like that.  Or just making another claim and dispute case for this other item.  


What do you think I should do?  I found a way to block a member from bidding on my items, but he already has a bid in.  If he doesn’t get outbid, what will happen?



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