Ok. so i listed my mobile phone on ebay. Within a few hours it sold! The seller (***) then messaged me on ebay asking me to email him on his personal email address and send him some photos of the phone and to discuss postage costs.. So i did.
I didnt hear back from him for a day then i recieved an email from ebay saying the buyer has cancelled the payment as his ebay account was hacked. So a little gutted that my phone didnt actualluly sell i relisted it. An hour later i recieved an email from the buyer (***) saying his account didnt get hacked it was his daughter that logged in and thst he did actually want the phone. He then said he has sent me a paypal payment of the amount of the phone and the postage costs to send it to nigeria. A few moments later i recieved a paypal email saying he had paid thr amount for thr phone plus £200 for the postage!! i was pretty sure it wouldnt have cost that so i straight aeay started thinking something wasnt right. I left it a few hours and then it clicked. The email address i was enailing him from wasnt my paypal email aaddress, so ehy did i recieve a paypal email. Straight away i knew something wasnt right.. I went onto ebay to open an ‘unpaid case’ but as the listing had been cancelled from his ‘account being hacked’ i couldnt report him on ebay. I went back on the paypal email and all the highlighted ‘paypal’ words that should redirect me to the paypal website actually took me to a website where you csn make up emails from paypal and other websites!! Ive contacted paypal and ebay and they are looking into this seller. Please be careful. The paypal email looked so real. Do all id advise is if somebody offers u large amounts of money for postage..dont do it. And always always check you paypal account that money money has gone in or is pending. Im so lucky i looked into it. Im sure other people has fell for this.

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