Buyer Has Paid But Hasn’t Collected

A buyer purchased a child’s seat, the sort you fit onto back of adult bike that toddler sits in on 15th March via Best Offer and paid via Paypal instantly.

Despite living in same city as me, she/she still hasn’t collected the item 2 weeks later.  Item sold for £10.


I had one message from them saying they’d collect  last monday evening.   I’ve sent messages via Ebay and text messages to their mobile since them and nothing…   


Am I supposed to hang onto the seat forever ?  Will Ebay penalise me because I’ve haven’t maked it as dispatched yet ?


This is such a weird thing for the buyer to do.  Paying but not collecting.  


I don’t fancy refunding them as I had the seat up for sale for ages and will be pleased to see the back of it.


Any advice would be grateful. Thanks



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