Address to return a refunded item

I bought an item which was significantly not as described in several ways.  Bra at £3 and p & p £3  (postage was actually only £1.19)

I contacted Seller who said “”sorry… I didn’t see the item – I was selling it for a friend and  that friend posted it.””

My response was – my contract is with you.  I suggested refund of cost of item and p & p total  £6  and I’d take the loss for the return postage.

(Just to be agreeable)


Seller very promptly made retund of £6, as suggested, to my Paypal account. (without waiting for the item to be returned.)


I messaged and asked Seller for her address – to do the return.

Seller says – Hi sent it to the address I have sent you I work with my friend so she will let me know as soon as it arrive thxs


I don’t have any address and will ask her again, but it doesn’t sound like she’s talking about her home address. 

Is this ok,.

Is it ok to send the item to any address that she provides –

are there any rules that it should the address that she would have registered with Paypal/eBay, and how would I know anyway?

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