Accout is limited

Hi! I recently recieved a 3600$ and lessthan 24hrs the 3600$ has  been reveresed due to the fact that they use that 3600$ to scam me. ( i already report this to paypal via e-mail but no reply)

after 24hrs paypal limit my account asking me to send some of 

documents to prove that im the owner due to the large amount of money i recieved that was 3/27/2015

in the same day i send them the pictures of my documents they want. 

but still now the status is “in progress”

i m a primiere member of paypal and i have an online trasaction need to be paid in the next week just wanna ask how long does it take till the limit is removed coz i need to pay something via paypal please help.


thank you.

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