Restricted Account, From Top Rated To Banned



I’m just wondering if there’s anything else I can do…..


I’ve been selling for two years, business seller, 6700+ feedback score, 99.9% positive.  I started with 10 products and have built it up to over 100.


I went on holiday in January and placed the holiday message on my shop saying that I was away for 4 weeks and that everything would be dispatched on return (I now know you can suspend listings, but before my last holiday in June 2013 I called up eBay for advice and was told I couldn’t suspend and to just use the holiday settings – I think this may have changed as I didn’t have a shop back then).


During the holiday people kept on buying and then cases for non-delivery were opened against me.  70 cases in total.  I answered all the cases the same or next day via dodgy wifi connections from hotspots while on holiday (irritating, but had to be done).


All the cases were resolved on return.  All buyers who wanted a refund got one, everyone who was happy to wait got their item within 3 days after my return.  However I did receive some negative feedback, which I thought was unfair, but after contacting eBay and them doing precisely nothing about it, I decided that I’d put up with it for a month.  I lost my top rated seller status, but was advise by live chat that I would get it back on my next evaluation.


Then I was completely restricted.  I’m still not sure whats changed and why this has happend.  Called up customer service and asjed why, obviously given the brush off and told I had ground for appeal and to put it in writing.  I did and it was rejected.


So is there anything else I can do?  Obviously I’ve been told be customer service that I would get my top rated status back, I have been told I have grounds for appeal but it doesn’t seem to matter.  Or is it just a case of 2 years work up in smoke because of eBay’s bad advice, bad systems, and awful customer service.

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