Where to check the ebay gift cards which still have balance and are linked with paypal account?

Once you used an ebay gift card with your paypal account, if it still has balance, then this gift card can only be used with this paypal account. This gift card cannot be used with other paypal account. Basically, this ebay gift card was linked with your paypal account. I know, previously we can check these ebay gift card remaining balances in the wallet tab. However, I cannot see any ebay gift cards in that tab in my acount any more even though I found I reaaly have some gift cards still have balance and  were linked with my account. 

Paypal and others who can educate me: How and where to check these linked ebay gift cards?



note: I have some mistyping in my last post. I am posting this question again and the web site manager please delete my previous post. Thanks.

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