Problem with Royal Mail / Click&Collect in Argos – what to do now?

Hi guys!

I do not have much experience with Royal Mail and Ebay, thus I am posting to get an advice from experienced customers. :smileyhappy:

I ordered a phone from eBay with collection in Argos. It was supposed to be there on 8/04 (special delivery guaranteed) but according to RM tracking it is still “on it’s way”.


Seller states that he sent phone to Argos in London (the one which I choosed), Royal Mail told me that the parcel was sent to… Argos in Wales, Swansea.


I contacted my local Argos, they said they hadn’t any deliveries for me (I provided them with item number and my name).


What is weird is the item has not been scanned by Royal Mail since 7/04/2015 (last scanning “checkpoint” was in Post Office where the seller send me the parcel).

I contacted Royal Mail again, they agreed with me that it is weird that my parcel has not been scanned since 7/04 but apart from that, they can not tell me nothing, they know nothing. Then I contacted RM branch the item was sent from, they told me that the parcel was sent from their branch on 7/04/2015 and then they have no track.


I do not know what to do now.
I need the item I bought, my money is frozen so I can not buy a new one, refund will take much time, item is probably lost/stolen (no track since 7/04/2015, RM knows nothing).

What is the best course of action right now? Any ideas?
I have to buy this from eBay because it is nearly impossible to buy it in any shop.

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