EBay Bucks Error – How to solve it?

ebay bucks error
ebay bucks error

I cannot get my EBay bucks to apply to any purchases whether it is more or less than my EBay bucks certificate is for.

I go through the entire checkout process, it hangs and takes forever to load through each step only to receive an error code at the end and the payment does not go through.

I have tried looking up possible problems but every solution I have seen offered I have already tried or the settings are already correct.

Last month I got cheated out of my bucks for this same issue I was never able to use them. The error I receive is: Your request couldn’t be processed at this time; Error code: 70005

Any ideas/help?

Answer for ebay bucks error:

What is ebay bucks ?

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The eBay Bucks program gives USA eBay buyers 2% cash back on purchases. Every three months, rewards are rolled into an eBay coupon code to discount a future eBay purchase.

U.S. Buyers who have joined the eBay Bucks program can earn 2% cash back on their eBay purchases, payable as discounts on future eBay purchases.

eBay Bucks Rewards Program Restrictions List:

The eBay Bucks program has few restrictions, though the greatest limitations apply to international and high-volume buyers. You may got 1 of it’s restrictions could make an error

  • ebay bucks Only available to U.S. citizens age 18 or older with a primary address in the United States.
  • Must pay with PayPal to earn eBay Bucks.
  • Must checkout with the same PayPal account to redeem eBay Bucks Certificates.
  • Most items qualify, though some do not (i.e. real estate, automobiles, and industrial equipment).
  • eBay Bucks Certificate earnings must be spent within 30 days after they are disbursed.
  • Maximum $200 in rewards per purchase, maximum $500 per 3 month period.

About the error you receive is: Your request couldn’t be processed at this time; Error code: 70005 

This error usually happened when ebay site got heavy load ( new year, christmas, black Friday or bif promo days)  just leave it there and purchase again later after few hours or next day will solve it. It sound weird but still happened many times

If you have got the same EBay Bucks Error and managed to solve it, please post comment below to help others. Thanks

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