Items purchased but not received – eBay closed case in seller’s favour

I purchased two coats from a business seller on 10/03/2015 which cost a total of £179.90.  I bought two different sizes so that I could keep the one that fitted and return whichever one didn’t fit.


The eBay listing said the delivery method was Royal Mail who I trust , they have a key to my apartment block and the depot is only 10 minutes walk away from my flat.  


I contacted the seller on 16/03/2015 as I had not received the coats to ask when they would arrive (they had not been marked as dipatched either)  and opened an item not received case as instructed by eBay.  The seller sent me the tracking number for a DPD parcel which at that time said they were in a depot in Sheffield which is 22 miles from where I live, I had not received any calling cards from DPD either.  I work full time and do not drive so collecting them from the depot was impossible.  


I replied to the seller asking why they were sent via a courier and explained that had I known they were going to be sent by courier I would have asked for them to be sent to my work address as I have had problems with couriers in the past, or, I would have sellected the click and collect. option.  He didn’t answer my question but said when the items were returned to him he would reship.


The seller has not resent the items.  The courier tracking information showed that the items had been returned to the seller.  I escalated the case on 23/03/2015 and it was decided in the sellers favour and I will not receive a refund.  


eBay say that because the seller provided tracking information showing that delivery had been attempted that they cannot issue a refund.  I emailed a couple of times to say that the tracking information shows that the parcel has been returned to the seller and explained that the listing states that the item would be sent via Royal Mail and had I known they would use a courier I would have used a different address/not bought from the seller/used click and collect, the situation with the depot etc, but they will not budge.


I contacted the courier company who confirmed that the parcel had been returned to the seller.  I asked them to email me to confirm that the parcel has been returned to the seller which I forwarded on to eBay.  I’ve phoned them numerous times explaining that now he has basically £180 of my money AND the coats which I purchased but they say since he provided tracking information therefore a refund cannot be issued.  I explained the full story, reitterating that the tracking information shows the coats have been returned to the seller but they will not issue a refund


The seller is not responding to my messages.


What can I do now?

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