“Not as described” ebay resolution in favour of buyer [PLEASE READ]



Recently sold a laptop, 3 years old so sold as used. I identified all marking, a few scratches however the laptop was in good condition for age. I had the usual stupid offers, I declined politely. I work in IT, so i know my stuff and the laptop overall was in good condition.

Buyers started bidding and eventually sold for £180 including P & P. The buyer eventually pays after a couple of days citing paypal issues and then I ship.Upon receipt, the buyer within hours iniitates a return “item not as described” claiming more scratches than advertised and the laptop has moving parts? It is at this point goes pear shaped as the buyer wants a partial refund. I initially agreed,I guess it was human response to panic as I did not want my 100% rating to be affected.However, I quickly retracted as the buyer was asking to be paid in to paypal acounts not associated with the transaction and also gave bank details of a third party not connected.


I decline and request laptop be returned & will then issue a refund.At this point, paypal goes negative and I’m expected to replace the funds to issue a refund before the laptop is returned.Not happening! 


After 10 days of initiating return, laptop is returned NOT in the condition it was sent.Firstly, covered in a thick film of what to be dust and secondly the laptop had been used to browse eBay for a BMW [how ironic using ebay to browse], several survey sites that are notorious for malware and iTunes had been installed. For the buyer to say “item not as described” and then use the laptop for several days is a joke!


So I receive the laptop, a case is opened and closed in favour of the buyer on the same day and I’m not given a chance to respond!


Thanks alot eBay! So the ardous task of contacting ebay begins, each response is greeted with the usual scripted nonsense and frankly a waste of my time. So I decide to e-mail John Donahoe directly and take to twitter to voice my concerns.


Today I have received a message from the CEO office advisng my case has been investigated and that the resolution stands in favour of the buyer.I provide a timeline of events, all of which has been ignored and it is case of “I feel your pain” but tough as eBay T & Cs for sellers are obscure, do not protect and a easy option for eBay to brush away.


I did sell the laptop, for less than original listing so now out of pocket to the tune of £37.23 + fees. Will not be long before eBay release the debt collection agency based in Preston who harrass with multiple phone calls on a daily basis.


So then eBay, riddle me this –


1-buyer bids on a listing, fully decribed and then initiates a return “as item not described” and “not worth what he paid” Photos on the lisiting clearly show condition and it was the buyer’s CHOICE to bid


2-Return initiated,the only evidence given by the buyer is in the return is written and is the allowed to basiclly bully into sending refund to another paypal account not associated with transaction


3-“not as described” and “not suited for myself” are clearly stated as evidence, however buyer continues to use within the returns period browsing ebay,consumer survey sites riddled with malware and INSTALL itunes on a clean OS


4-The laptop comes back caked in **bleep** and poorly packaged.


5-Upon return, case is opened and shut within hours, not giving myself a chance to respond and give further evidence.I’m sure this was a auto computer response, no way that a human has come to this conclusion.


The reponse fro the CEO office was expected, however not the answer I was looking for so will be taking this further with Watchdog & Financial Ombudsman.


Yes, I did agree to your obscure T & Cs that allow eBay deniability, however has a company you have a moral obligation as well business obligation to up hold. This is clearly a misuse of buyer trust and you are quite happy for it go on and on.


eBay, you best get your suit dry cleaned!





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