I recently had some unauthorized payments thru paypal coming out of my bank account. I disputed all 3 charges of $25.81 a piece. My bank thought it would be a good idea to close the savings and open another checking since the savings was linked to paypal. I couldn’t close until all payments I had already made on ebay came out of account. Few days later I removed that bank account and added a debit card,,mind u there is NOOOOO money in the original bank account but it’s open upon status of resolution center in paypal,,,I continue doing my regular online payments since I had a new card n it was safe . I go to the bank about a week ago and the old savings balance was -$221.45!!! WTFFFFFF! I haven’t used that account since the 1st mishap. Come to find out when I removed the account it didn’t take it off I have even put new card as primary, but it was only 2 items I bought one was $9 and the other $15.99. In 2 weeks just them 2 items have gotten me that much NSF Fees and PayPal keeps running it over and over when that account isn’t supposed to be used anymore anyway. At my bank it shows the payment was paid but paypal shows it didn’t idk what to do

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