cant do right ?

So buyer buys a item from me pays no problem great,I send the item it goes tracked with a courier few days go by I get a message something along the lines “Just got home from holiday courier has left a card saying parcel left in bin cant find it” so I contact the courier and ask for some more details turns out left in green bin return to the buyer with my findings and I get “Well that was put out to be emptied while I was away so its gone now well 5% of me thinks umph damn delivery driver why in the bin the rest of me thinks pillock buyer not telling he would be away so it could be avoided and either sent to an address whare it could be collected or leave it till he returns and he negs me. 

Think to myself once stung change to a service that offers signed for that will stop the bin leavers and all my troubles will disapear (yer right) sent 14 parcels last week 5 yes 5 requests ( probably more than the previous 12 months with the no signature) whare is my item. Turns out on all 5 delivery attempted nobody to sign for them on 3 occiasions so now face them all coming back and will need to be re sent probably at my expence (to save on the killer defects if that is possible) 


Ebay you put the hoops there we try to jump thru them but they are getting smaller and its getting harder to please you 

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