Sellers Using Buyers via Ebay to Borrow Money

Yet again I find myself in the position of having bought an item which has not arrived and upon checking the Sellers Feedback AFTER I’d bought, it’s quite apparent that they are using eBay as a means of borrowing money for a few weeks – well, it is cheaper than payday loans I guess.  Sellers relist over and over the same item, but of course only have one of them to sell.  Last time this happened to me (different Seller of course!), 4 other Buyers didn’t get the item, and one lucky one did.  This time, I can see 2 negs of not getting the item (I make 3 could be more to come) and one who has gotten it.


eBay need to stop this sharp practice.  They need to insist that Proof of Posting is gotten and if the Seller can’t produce it then a refund given immediately instead of Buyers having to wait around 3 weeks before getting their money back.  If the Seller CAN produce proof of posting, I’d happily wait 3 weeks as is the current timeframe.  


But I resent being used as a Payday Lender, without the associated benefits of high interest rates on my return.



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