The seller is always wrong

Well I just had a nice lengthy conversation with ebay and it turns out in their words “if you aren’t a power seller we won’t help you” and I was also told “we don’t care about your account”


this all started when I sold a guitar a month ago, the buyer messaged me before anyone (including himself had bid) claiming i’d never sell it at the price i had it for as it had some damage and was slightly used but he’d bid if the price was lowered”

long story short in the end some other people bid and he ended up winning and the price was about £40 higher than I had originally asked for.


I packed up the guitar in a box with plenty of packing material (the box was an actual  fender guitar box as used to send guitars to and fro the suppliers and shops as I’ve sold many guitars before this tends to offer the best protection) as mentioned in the listing there was no gig bag or case but i did put a polyurethane guitar bag over it to as is standard practice.


lo and behold the guitar is delivered and an hour or so later the buyer sends me a message with some pictures claiming it was damaged in transit and he wants a refund, firstly) looking at the pictures sure enough I see some damage but the damage is to the back side of the guitar and nowhere on the packing box is there any damage at all not a single scratch. secondly) I can see that the buyer actually runs a shop buying and selling things on ebay.


at this point i decided to not accept the return as i saw no proof on the box the guitar had been dropped hard enough to chip it fast forward to now and ebay have decided since I cannot prove that it did not occur in transit (other than pictures sent by the seller proving the box was perfectly intact) that I have to accept the return and they won’t help me as in the words of the callcentre operative “they don’t care about my account”


has anyone else had an experience like this as a seller? why should we stick by ebay when this is how you get treated?

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