To upload tracking or not- Is tracking accepted in an eBay court of law

In my experience, handing over a tracking number always causes hassle, because tracking can be very slow


e.g. My courier is unbelievably reliable and v. fast; Items will always arrive the next day, no ifs or buts and one item goes missing every 2-3 years.

Their tracking system is slow however and customers will always shoot off emails asking why the item hasn’t been sent when it was sent yesterday and will normally be with them in an hour or two

Uploading tracking seems to create a lot of work( Let’s not forget that tracking is never really accepted in an eBay court of law)


eBay rep. just argued with me how necessary it is to prevent headache. eBay itself is looking to sack many admin workers to save money but we are expected to keep on top of it, not to mention, many eBayers are part-time businesses who are not available 24 hours to answer questions every time the tracking is slow. Why do they think we should be forced to upload tracking at cost to ourselves?

In the past, scammers and bad transactions were a low percentage that could be absorbed in sales. Now, the sales are pathetic and the bad transactions are high and they seem to want us to become multi-national levels by piling on the bureaucracy



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