winning bidder retracted.. I am now highest bidder. Seller not communicating with me

I bid on a ring and did not win the auction.. The winning bidder retracrted and I am now the highest, bidder therefore ebay e-mailed me and informed .. so I e-mailed the seller to no avail.. I telephone Ebay  who kindly called me back  requesting further advice.. The ultimate outcome is that I have to ask the seller for a second chance offer.. yet despite my two e-mails the seller has not been  incontact with me.

Why did Ebay inform me if there is nothing I can do.

How can the seller decline the highest bid   { £2.00 more than my bid } I have emailed the seller to say I will match the highest bid. still no response.

Here is my problem with this situation… The ring come from India and its value is  very probably  worth more than  the highest bidder { who retracted despite putting a £200.00 highest bid}  How is it the the seller  cany deny contact and sell ring to me.. For all you ebay advisors out there, alas I am not worldly wise in the  matter of  Ebay and possible selling shenanigans  Please would you be kind enough to let me know how to deal with this situation …  May  I thank you in advance

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