Advise please INR not collected from depo

hi any advise please..

we sold a spares repair laptop to belgium buyer paid ok and was sent royal mail track and signed. last week got message from buyer it was not received checked tracking and had not been collected out card left etc.

Advised buyer to collect from depo ASAP before returned to UK and heard no more.

Today returned to me uncollected.

contacted buyer explaining that we can resend but will cost another £18.00 however he is not willing to re pay cost.


item was only £10 so i am not willing to pay it myself as is not our fault he did not bother to collect. Obviously RM are not going to let me resend at their cost. No disputes have been opened YET but we can see where this is going..


Where do i stand on this ?

 If he opens case INR will have to refund in full i guess have i got any recourse to losses incured for him not collecting item or am i stuffed ?

If he leaves neg am i covered ?


In the past in these situations in the past have been able to work with buyers and they have always coughed up the resend price however this guy seems to not be playing ball. I do wonder if this was done on purpose as was spares repair and i wonder if he had not read lsisting properly so has taken this route instead.


any tips please

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