PayPal ABA Routing Number and Account Number

I have seen a bunch of posts on this topic, but no real answers.  Also have a PAYPAL Business Debit Card. 


Would like to make an electronic payment to another credit card company, and pull the funds from my Paypal account.  However, they need an ABA Routing # and Acct # to setup the transfer.  I know Paypal or the Paypal MC must have an ABA # and an account # in order to do business electronically, no matter what Paypal customer service says (they always give you the line that Paypal is not a traditional bank, etc, etc). 


Other posts have claimed that the ABA Routhing # for Bankcorp Bank (Paypal MC) is:  031101169.  Has anyone confirmed this?  What would the Account # be?


I am planning to call the customer service # on the back of my credit card tomorrow to see if they can help, but not holding my breath. 


Someone must have figured out this by now.  Or, someone within paypal CAN supply this info. 

– What is the ABA Routing # for Paypal account OR Paypal Mastercard account?

– How do I find my Paypal “Account Name”?


I have looked all over the paypal site and on my “account page”, but do not see any of this info.  Don’t know why it’s such a secret.


Please help.  Thank you. 

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