2 1/2 months later and items HAVE STILL NOT ARRIVED, eBay refuse to do anything.

Paid for my items on the 13th Feb and items did not arrive. contacted seller regarding this, they offered to resend items to which i accepted. a week later my 30 day money back ebay cover expired. Now almost 3 months later, eBay refuses to do anything about it because it is not covered by buyer protection any more. Plus, None of the items have arrived!


Have asked the seller for a refund, to which I get nonsense emails back, or just blatantly ignored!

It is unacceptable that ebay will do nothing about this situation, or seller. I assume they make postage take
more than 30 days to make sure they never have to give you any money back.


Weirdly, paypal says that the payment was taken on the 13th Feb, but ebay says the payment was taken on 14th April.

If this is the case according to ebay’s information, then; in the eyes of the law, I am still within my 30 days of payment for the items and they should do something about it.


Very VERY unhappy with ebay’s response to this,

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